Our weekend course of childbirth education in English is designed for expectant parents who wish to take part in an intensive small-group course. Date: April 6th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Place: APERIO – Healthy Parenting Association, V Luhu 6, Prague 4

APERIO has offered childbirth education since 2002 and has always been cooperating with well-experienced childbirth educators, midwives and doulas. Moreover, since 2002 we publish and update a guide of maternity hospitals. All our courses for expectant parents are therefore a rich source of dependable information on having a baby in the Czech Republic.

Our weekend course of childbirth education in English is designed for expectant parents who wish to take part in an intensive small-group course. The course offers a specific time to focus on pregnancy and childbirth, with the aim to make the whole process more real – especially for expectant fathers. It is also an opportunity to meet other parents-to-be and socialize. You will also learn about specifics of Czech maternity care.




  • Changes in late pregnancy: Physical and emotional changes, Healthy lifestyle in pregnancy, Nutrition, Breathing
  • Signs that labour is about to begin: First stage of labour, Dilation, When to go to the hospital/call a midwife, Specifics of Czech maternity hospitals and maternity care, Things to take to the hospital with you, Formal admittance to a hospital’s labour and delivery area
  • Role of a birth partner: What will a birth partner need to do during labour?
  • Pain relief options in labour: Relaxation, Breathing, Possible labour pain medication
  • Birth: Variations of normal labour and birth, Caesarean birth, Self-confidence and assertiveness; Second, third and fourth stage of birth; Childbirth support – your partner, doula, midwife
  • Postpartum: Emotional and physical changes after birth, Postpartum blues vs. depression
  • Introduction to breastfeeding
  • Introduction to newborn care: Newborn behaviour and abilities
  • Family changes: Living with a newborn
  • Parenthood: Being a parent – expectations vs. reality; Possible sources of support for parents

Due to a limited time of one day we are not able to cover fully the topics of breastfeeding and newborn care. Please do not hesitate to contact our courses coordinator to arrange individual/small group classes covering these topics.


Petra Davidová  Petra Davidová – experienced certified doula and qualified childbirth educator

Course fee for a couple: 3400 CZK



There i no suitable term for you? We can offer also individual prenathal courses.

For further information please contact Milena Jeřábková (courses coordinator)
e-mail kurzy@aperio.cz, or call +420 773 644 569.