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APERIO – Healthy Parenting Association is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation focused on the position and needs of parents in the society.


We grow with you and your children

Childbirth was the theme at the beginning. As in every life. 
Aperio was born in 2001 to change the way children come to the world in Czech maternity wards.
We were promoting normal birth and humanist approach, and offering courses for parents, doulas and midwives. In 2002, we launched the Maternity Hospitals Guide which helps parents in choosing the right place for the birth of their baby.
When we achieved the first successful changes, our activities spread in other directions. We began to support parents in other life situations, such as returning to work. In 2005 we established an on-line counseling service that is a focal point for all parents who deal with employment, pregnancy, partnership or divorce issues.
We support and educate employers who want to meet the needs of their parent employees. 
As one of the few we stand by those who bring up  children on their own – single parents. 
Our work is guided by the principle: Children are supported by parents, parents are supported by Aperio.
We provide parents with a quality „information nutrition“. No empty calories. 
We want you to always have enough strength for your life tasks.

Our mission statement

The mission of APERIO is to support informed choice, personal responsibility and active approach to parenting.

Our main goal is to improve maternity and parenting services and to support equal treatment of men and women both in family and in labour market.

We serve to expectant parents and parents, including single parents, socially and physically handicapped parents. Our clients include employers as well.

Our services


  • free web-based legal and psychosocial counselling
  • web-based guide of maternity hospitals
  • online information services
  • trainings, seminars and plenary discussions
  • publication “Don’t struggle with legislation”


  • seminars and workshops
  • expert opinions and analyses


  • equal opportunity analysis (gender audits)
  • counselling in preparing and launching equality plans
  • training and development of key executives and HR specialists
  • training and development of employees
  • tailored workshops and conferences
  • publications

Available in English

We would like to provide more in English for you but  due to our limited capacity we currently only offer what we can handle, ie.

Weekend Group Course – Childbirth Education

APERIO has offered childbirth education since 2002 and has always been cooperating with well-experienced childbirth educators, midwives and doulas. Moreover, since 2002 we publish and update a guide of maternity hospitals. All our courses for expectant parents are therefore a rich source of dependable information on having a baby in the Czech Republic.

Our weekend course of childbirth education in English is designed for expectant parents who wish to take part in an intensive small-group course. The course offers a specific time to focus on pregnancy and childbirth, with the aim to make the whole process more real – especially for expectant fathers. It is also an opportunity to meet other parents-to-be and socialize. You will also learn about specifics of Czech maternity care.

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Individual Prenatal Course

Our individual prenatal course in English is destined for expectant parents who do not want to take part in a group course. Each birthing experience is different, and therefore, your childbirth education should be unique and tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

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Useful materials for parents and employers

A Guide for Foreign National Parents Living in the Czech Republic, March 2015. – section of our brochure for foreign parents living in the Czech Republic.

Conference brochure Single Parents or „To be a single parent is just like standing alone on the top of a hill where wind is blowing at you from all directions.“, October 2014.

Publication People are the Most Valuable Asset You Have. Family-friendly provisions in companies, June 2012.

Video interviews with the employers from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Sweden about work-life balance, May 2012.

Conference brochure Time is Now …. Let’s Support Work and Family Balance, October 2011.